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10 Job Interview Questions for Linux System Administrators |

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   SysAdmins of all experience levels can benefit from brushing up on their job interview skills if they want to find and land a great new job. Source: 10 Job Interview Questions for Linux System Administrators |     Tweet This Post

Flash plugin update on Debian 8

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   Just a quick reminder on how to upgrade your flash-plugin install in Debian 8 update-flashplugin-nonfree –install   Cheers! Tweet This Post

First impressions of CentOS 7

CentOS 7 has been out for a while now and it’s time to get busy with it and exploring this new version. Some major changes have taken place in this version and I’ll list them here with no specific order. The first thing you’ll see is that the installer is now the same as the […]

Restricting mysql access to a user based on his source ip

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One of the most challenging aspects of working as a sysadmin is the broad scope of the tasks you have to work on. In a single day’s work you could be asked to look into a security report and take the appropriate steps to address it and fix it. You can also be brought into […]

The Heartbleed Bug

Today we woke up with a very fun and interesting news made public here In short what this means is that all internet, IM, email and vpn communications that you thought where encrypted and secured, they are not. This is related to a bug in the OpenSSL software used to encrypt such communications. Even […]

A lightweight screen locker

For a long time I’ve been using Awesome as my window manager and Xscreensaver (by Jamie Zawinski) has been my screensaver of choice. Recently I started looking for something even more lightweight than Xscreensaver and I found i3lock. i3locki3lock is a simple screen locker like slock. After starting it, you will see a white screen […]

CentOS kvm clone no muestra el device eth0

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Desde ya hace un buen rato estoy utilizando KVM para manejar mis VMs en Linux (ya sea fedora o debian). Tengo una imagen base de CentOS 6 con la cuál, cuando necesito de otra máquina para hacer pruebas, solamente la clono y listo, tengo una máquina list en unos 3-4 minutos para poder hacer las […]

RAID & LVM Screencast

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Este fin de semana grabé un nuevo screencast, al igual que los anteriores, relacionado con Linux y Software Libre. En esta ocasión, hablo de RAID y LVM. La url es Pásenle a escucharlo y enviar sus comentarios. Tweet This Post

Screencast – Administración básica de MySQL con Fedora 18

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En días anteriores platicando con un padawan linuxero me comentaba que se le estaba haciendo algo difícil el utilizar MySQL en Fedora 18. Para ayudarle un poco grabé este screencast de administración básica de MySQL con Fedora 18 Tweet This Post

Posts 2012

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Si, desafortunadamente los 8 posts que había escrito en el 2012 los perdí por no haber tenido un respaldo actualizado de la base de datos de mi blog. Lección aprendida. Actualmente estoy ya un poco más normalizado de carga de trabajo, se me hace increíble que ya estoy cerca de cumplir 9 meses trabajando en […]